In our final low carb community tribute this Diabetes Week we’re celebrating Mark Chadbourne, who lost eight stone and put his type 2 diabetes into remission.
Mark is one of our Low Carb Program champions. He had type 2 diabetes for two years prior to joining, having always previously been recommended to eat low fat by the NHS. At the beginning of the program he weighed 22 stone.
“I’ve always been told not to eat fat and told to eat low calorie – it just seemed a very strange way of doing it. I just thought ‘I’ve tried everything else. I’ll try it for a month or so and see how it goes,'” he said.
Within one month, Mark had lost one stone. And he enlisted his wife into going low carb too. As he kept adopting low carb principles and began to enjoy experimenting with recipes, his health continued to improve.
“I went from 22 stone to 14! I used to be 130 kilos but now I’m 88 kg – my wife was 100 kg but now she’s 77 kg,” Mark said.
“I make [the Low Carb Program] work around me and I think I’ve got it about perfect. When I found out that it’s all about moderation – I cut back. You notice things like that and make it adapt to you.”
A family affair indeed, Mark’s son has also completed the Low Carb Program and the family enjoy eating a wide range of healthy fats and proteins without any of the guilt that they had previously experienced.
“You can have the guilty foods. My son has just started it. He can sit in the morning and have his bacon and eggs and not feel guilty. There’s no need to be hungry on the Low Carb diet – it’s just making the right choices.”
Mark has incredibly put his type 2 diabetes into remission. He is a shining testament to low carb’s benefits and has, along with his family, been able to improve his health significantly.
To view more success stories like Mark’s, visit the low carb community on our Low Carb Program. And don’t forget that the theme of Diabetes Week is “Talk About Diabetes” so be sure to share your own story too, which you can also do on our Diabetes Forum.

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