The Medtronic MiniMed 670G hybrid closed-loop insulin pump system can help children as young as seven manage their type 1 diabetes effectively and safely, according to a US study.
The study involved 105 children aged between 7-13 years who wore the insulin pump for three months. The results of the participants were compared to data from similar trials of the device involving 30 adolescents (14-21 years) and 94 adults (22-75 years).
University of Michigan Medical School researchers said the pump increased the percentage of time spent in the recommended blood glucose target range. The target range was set as 3.9 to 10 mmol/mol (70 to 180 mg/dl).
In the child study group, time spent in the target range increased from 56.2% to 65% as a result of use of the 670G system. This corresponded with the improvements seen in adolescents and adults in the previous trials. In those trials, the adolescents experienced an improvement of time in range from 60.4% to 67.2% and the adult group went from 68.8% to 73%.
The children’s HbA1c levels improved from a mean average of 63 mmol/mol (7.9%) before the trial, to 59 mmol/mol (7.5%) after using the hybrid pump system.
Lead author Dr Michael Alan Wood said: “The MiniMed 670G system can effectively manage diabetes and lead to improved time in the target glucose range and HbA1c individuals with type 1 diabetes between the ages of 7 and 75 who require at least eight units of insulin daily.
“This is the most advanced system to manage type 1 diabetes on the market today. Until additional hybrid closed-loop systems are available to provide the same capabilities, I would assume that more patients will be using this one.”
Within the study no adverse events, including episodes of severe hypocglycemia or diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), were reported.
Dr Wood added: “Of the more than 12,000 patient days of system use by the adolescent and adult groups, and the more than 15,000 patient days of patient use by the 7-to-13-year-olds, there were no severe hypoglycemic events and no diabetic ketoacidosis events, which is, really, an exceptional safety record.”
In 2017, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), approved the hybrid closed-loop system for use in the US for adults.
The results were presented at the ENDO 2018 conference in Chicago, Illinois.

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