Andy Lindsay

A driver with diabetes has been fined for pulling over to safely check and treat an episode of hypoglycemia (low blood glucose levels).

Andy Lindsay from Leeds has been ordered to pay £120 after a photo caught him parked up on an industrial estate.

The 52-year-old had decided to stop in the Calder Park industrial estate next to the M1 in Wakefield shortly after he suspected he was suffering from an episode of hypoglycemia at the wheel.

The sales rep has had little success in appealing the fine, despite having done so three times. Within his appeals, he has provided evidence that he has lived with type 1 diabetes from the age of 11. However, the parking company has ignored his pleas and he may face a court hearing.

The DVLA states that people diabetes treated with insulin must not drive when blood glucose levels drop below 5 mmol/L. Information from the DVLA on treating a suspected hypo advises: “If you get warning symptoms of hypoglycemia whilst driving you must stop safely as soon as possible – do not ignore the warning symptoms.”

Andy’s wife Bronwyn said there is “no common sense” behind the decision to uphold the fine.

She added: “We understand the fine, but what we don’t understand is that we have appealed it three times now and there seems to be no common sense. Imagine if he had carried on driving and killed someone. I’m sure the family of that person would have asked, ‘why didn’t you pull over?’

“I don’t think they would have understood if he had said, ‘well, I didn’t want to get a fine’.”

Initially he was fined £100 in March by Excel Parking, but it has since gone up by £20. It will increase to £180 if Andy loses his final appeal.

Bronwyn added: “If it had been a council parking ticket, I’m sure they would have used common sense and let us off by now.

“This company feels like it’s just a money-making scheme and nothing to do with parking or safety. He could have been dead at the wheel for all they cared.”

Photo credit: Yorkshire Post/SWNS

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