An airport has promised to review its procedures after security staff took away a woman’s insulin.

Jayne Knott, from Hull, described the security at Leeds Bradford Airport on 10 April as “chaotic” after workers confiscated her insulin while she was preparing to board her flight.

Mrs Knott told the BBC she had to be “patted down and scanned because of wearing an insulin pump” and was unaware that her medication had been taken away to be swabbed.

This all happened despite Mrs Knott following official advice and wearing a lanyard to indicate she has a medical condition.

She got onto the Cyprus-bound flight having not checked her bag, and her insulin and blood glucose monitor had not been returned.

Mrs Knott said she has always been “always so careful” about ensuring her insulin was close to hand and had “never left anything behind before”.

She said: “I really feel like not flying abroad again because of what’s happened unless the airport security staff do something to change their procedures to allow additional time for us to go through and explain the situation with regards to the equipment that can’t be scanned.”

In response a spokesperson for the airport said procedures would be reviewed concerning “passengers travelling with medical equipment”.

The spokesperson added: “Therefore we would like to apologise to Mrs Knott for any inconvenience caused and have also been in direct contact with Mrs Knott to try and reunite her with the medical equipment.”

Earlier this year, a woman whose son was stopped at airport security because of his insulin pump launched a Medical Device Awareness Card, sponsored by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Airport Operators Association (AOA), which is available to be downloaded online.

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