The majority of people want the Government to take immediate action on obesity now research has found it can worsen COVID-19 outcomes.

A newly released survey from the Obesity Health Alliance has shown that 74 per cent of the public support the idea that junk food adverts should be banned before the 9pm watershed.

A total of 72 per cent of those asked want to see more restrictions imposed on shops promoting unhealthy foods and 62 per cent want to see promotional offers on junk food restricted.

The poll also showed that 79 per cent of people want a national plan to improve public health introduced and 78 per cent want to see a national exercise scheme brought in.

Caroline Cerny, Alliance Lead at the Obesity Health Alliance said: “The Government can now feel confident that the game-changing policies needed to transform our environment into a healthier one are not only evidence-based, but also wanted by the majority of people in the UK.

“We are now calling on the Government to push ahead with a comprehensive plan to make it easier for us all to be healthier, now and in the future by taking unhealthy food out of the spotlight.”

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Many of these suggestions, such as banning junk food adverts in the day, were already discussed last year by the Govenrment but plans have since stalled.

Public Health England recently reviewed available COVID-19 research and found obese people were more likely to suffer from an adverse effect of the virus.

Professor John Wass, Consultant Endocrinologist and adviser to the Obesity Health Alliance, said: “We now have an unparalleled opportunity to bring about sustained changes to our environment.

“We can then build a robust population, resilient to all kinds of disease and able to contribute to a strong society, Obesity is not a choice individuals make and we strongly encourage the Government to move ahead with bold action.”

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