Couples often have similar body shapes, blood pressure levels and incidence of some diseases, new study shows

Research into the lifestyle habits and physical traits of couples has found that partners often share similar blood pressure and cholesterol levels and can even have diseases such as diabetes in common.

A study by Tohoku University looked at 5,391 couples from Japan and 28,265 from the Netherlands. They were found to have similar lifestyle habits and physical qualities, including smoking, drinking, weight and body mass index.

When the Japanese researchers looked more closely at the data, they found that couple often shared similar results when it came to health markers such as cholesterol and triglycerides levels. In addition, they also found that couples had conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome in common.

The team has pointed to the significance of making healthy choices, as many of the similarities were found in couples who had genetic differences but similar lifestyles.

Read the study in full here.

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