A quarter of men living in England are now classified as being obese, a public health survey for 2021 has announced.

This compares to 13% of obese males in 1993 when records first began, the NHS Digital research study has reported.

The number of overweight men living in England has risen by 11% in 18 years, going from 58% in 1993 to 69% in 2021, the findings show.

According to the academics, middle-aged and older males are most at risk of being obese or overweight.

The survey also identifies that men are more likely to have a higher BMI than women.

The NHS spends roughly around £6.1 billion per year on treating obesity-caused illnesses and conditions.

More than 10 per cent of people living with obesity have type 2 diabetes, the NHS survey has unveiled.

One in three people living in the poorer regions of the country are classified as obese, the data has reported.

Meanwhile, one in five people living in richer areas of the country are classified as obese, public health officials have revealed.

More than 70% of people living in the North East of England are obese or overweight, whereas only 60% of people living in London and the South West of England have a high BMI, the survey has disclosed.

Professor Naveed Sattar, from the University of Glasgow, said: “These figures once again highlight the critical need to address the nation’s increasing waistlines, as the risk of not doing so will be more people living with multiple conditions linked to excess weight, leading to more suffering and even greater costs to the NHS.

“’However, we need to get back to measuring people’s BMI directly rather than surveying this on the phone to really understand and address the changing rate of obesity in England.”

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