Eating five pieces of fruit a day can protect you from developing depression, a new study has revealed.

Academics from Aston University in Birmingham have also found that people can lower their anxiety levels by cutting crisps out of their diet.

The results show that cooked fruits are not beneficial for an individual’s brain function as crucial antioxidants, fibre and micronutrients dissolve during the cooking process.

First author Nicola-Jayne Tuck said: “It’s possible that changing what we snack on could be a really simple and easy way to improve our mental wellbeing. Overall, it’s definitely worth trying to get into the habit of reaching for the fruit bowl.”

During the study, more than 420 participants filled in surveys to report how their eating patterns impacted their emotional wellbeing.

Each participant outlined their daily intake of fruit and vegetables, as well as processed foods, such as crisps and chocolate bars.

In addition, those taking part in the experiment had to share how anxious, happy and sad they felt throughout the duration of the study.

According to the findings, those with a higher fruit intake were less likely to experience depressive feelings compared to those who eat less fruit.

‘Everyday mental lapses’ and higher anxiety levels were seen more amongst those who regularly eat savoury foods compared to those who rarely eat savoury foods, the study has reported.


The full research investigation is now available in the British Journal of Nutrition.

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