Experts have warned against taking the advice of TikTok influencers when it comes to medical information after a study showed that a third of people under 25 use the platform for health tips before going anywhere else.

With a number of dangerous and ineffective tips being shared by influencers and users of TikTok, health experts have urged young people not to follow them.

In one clip, influencer Taylor Brook pours hair bleach info her husband’s ear in an attempt to clean out ear wax. The footage has had more than 8.2 million views.

Another trend that has been slammed by experts has seen influencers put raw garlic up their nostrils as they claim it clears a blocked nose. Clips showing the trend have received more than 100 million views.

However, ear, nose and throat specialist Dr Rob Hone said: “There is no evidence whatsoever that putting garlic up the nose works as a decongestant. It’s more likely that the garlic is irritating the nasal passage. The nose then responds by creating more mucus, which can’t go anywhere because the nose is plugged.

“This might give the impression that you are clearing out your sinuses, but it’s more akin to giving yourself hay fever. Over time this kind of irritation could eventually scar the inside of the nose. This can be pretty painful and will only make congestion worse.”

Health experts have also warned about the side-effects of the ‘internal shower drink’, which sees people drink water packed with expanding chia seeds in an attempt to beat constipation.

Professor Gary Frost, head of nutrition research at Imperial College London, said: “It’s true, chia seeds are a good source of fibre, but with this drink you’re really going from zero to 100.

“This sudden burst of fibre could leave you with some uncomfortable short-term side effects such as bloating, wind and even diarrhoea.

“Unfortunately, constipation is a problem which you have to fix the boring way. Staying hydrated and eating wholegrain cereals and bread, and plenty of fruit and vegetables will do the trick.”

Professor Frost also has a warning for fans of the Gallon Challenge, which sees them drink excess water to try to lose weight.

The trend, which came about after reality TV star Kylie Jenner said she drinks a gallon of water every day, is contrary to the NHS recommendation to drink between 1.5 and 2.5 litres of water every day. On influencer claims she lost more than 4lb in seven days by following the Gallon Challenge.

But Professor Frost said: “Swapping food for water will lead to a worryingly unbalanced diet. You could lose out on certain crucial nutrients like Vitamin C or iron.

“Studies show that increasing how much water you drink does not reduce your appetite. This is not going to help with weight loss.”

Other videos sharing dangerous health tips include using low SPF sun cream on some areas of the face to achieve a semi-permanent contouring effect.

Consultant dermatologist Dr Katie Lacy said: “Tanning is the result of skin damage. Every time you tan, you raise your risk of skin cancer. So regularly damaging your skin to replicate the effects of contouring is a terrible idea, which will only make you more likely to get cancer in the future.”

In America, the Food and Drug Association (FDA) had to issue a warning after videos appeared of chicken being cooked in the cold and flu remedy NyQuil, with officials warning:

“Boiling a medication can make it much more concentrated.”

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