Individuals are being urged to ignore an internet trend currently sweeping across America which is encouraging people to mix raw chemicals to make the popular weight loss drugs Wegovy and Ozempic.

Following a national shortage of the two drugs in America, online sites are promoting products that can be used to make your own weight loss injections, with some sites even publishing tutorial videos on how to do it.

Originally designed for people living with type 2 diabetes, Wegovy and Ozempic have drastically increased in popularity after some of the world’s biggest celebrities have admitted using them to lose weight, such as Elon Musk and Kim Kardashian.

Dr Shauna Levy, assistant professor of bariatric surgery at Tulane University in New Orleans, said: “Making the medication at home is incredibly unsafe on so many levels and puts people at risk of side effects, unsafe ingredients and overdosing.”

Researchers have found 10 websites selling semaglutide in powder form. Most online sites selling semaglutide say that it should only be purchased for laboratory and research use, but many people are ignoring this advice and using it to make weight loss injections.

In a review, an individual who purchased semaglutide from Amino Asylum said: “Stuff is legit and high quality. This is the first semaglutide I tried and lost 15lbs.

“Only reason I’m leaving three stars is because I can find it from other places now for almost half the price. Prices for semaglutide is going down from what I’ve seen.”

A review from another online site stated: “My friend told me this on Reddit and I tried them. New way of weight loss, which has substantial positive changes.”

Dr Levy noted: “Wegovy is a prescription medication, and therefore it is meant to be taken under the supervision of a medical professional.

“While Wegovy is safe and generally well-tolerated, there are side effects that are best treated by a physician.”

She added: “Nothing about making this medication at home can be regulated; thus people are at risk for exposure to unsafe ingredients, erroneous dosing and so much more. Making this medication at home seems incredibly unsafe on so many levels.”

Novo Nordisk makes the drug Wegovy and does not sell the drug to any other manufacturers.

This means that the semaglutide available on these websites could be contaminated with other substances that are not usually found in Wegovy or Ozempic.

“There is a reason that medications are created in highly regulated environments by highly skilled individuals and that’s to make sure medications are consistent and safe,” said Dr Levy.

She evaluated: “I know people are desperate to take Wegovy to help with weight loss but this is not a good or safe way to access the medication. There is no generic version of Wegovy, and there will not be for a while.”

According to Novo, different compound products ‘do not have the same safety, quality, and effectiveness assurances as FDA-approved drugs, and may expose people to potentially serious health risks’.

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