Living with diabetes unfortunately means hearing things about the condition that can make you want to faceplant the floor. Here are some common myths about diabetes that are simply not true. At all.

1.  You can catch diabetes from someone else



2. Diabetics can’t eat any sugar at all

Yes. We can’t eat anything with any sugar in it ever.


3. Type 1 diabetes can be cured by diet

I didn’t realise that when I eat an apple my pancreas suddenly rises from the dead! Thanks for the info.


4. Diabetes isn’t a serious disease

Yeah because constant doctor’s appointments, injections and worrying are all things that aren’t serious. Sigh.


5. People with diabetes are all dangerous drivers



 6. People with diabetes can’t play sports

Exercise helps keep EVERYONE healthy, just because I have diabetes doesn’t mean I don’t need to stay in shape.


7. Everyone with diabetes will go blind and lose their legs

While poor diabetes management can increase your risk of complications this is in no way inevitable.


8. People with diabetes can’t do many jobs

While there are a small amount of jobs someone with diabetes may not be able to do, diabetes doesn’t have to hold anyone down. It’s very rare that a job is off limits.


9. People with diabetes can only eat diabetic food 



10. People with diabetes can’t cut their own toenails

Now we really have heard it all.


11. Alcohol is not allowed – ever 

While we obviously don’t advise binge drinking, a glass of wine every now and then in moderation is safe for most people with diabetes.



How many of these *ridiculous* myths have you heard about diabetes before? Let us know in the comments below!

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