Fell running and ice-climbing with type 1 diabetes: the inspirational story of Ed Sherstone

Ed Sherstone is a quite remarkable individual. Having always had a passion for fitness and the outdoors, Ed’s type 1 diabetes diagnosis at the age of 16 didn’t slow him down a jot. He has since amassed an extraordinary profile of running and climbing achievements, including ice climbing on Ben Nevis.

Ed, now aged 52, spoke to Diabetes.co.uk about his most challenging excursions, both physically and related to his diabetes management, and how his rigorous schedule has affected his medication over the years.

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“There’s a buzz that’s created”: Dr Simon Tobin explains how parkrun is making people with diabetes happier and healthier

There are some exciting diabetes developments occurring in Southport.

Following the success of Dr David Unwin in encouraging his patients to eat a low-carb diet, Unwin’s colleague Dr Simon Tobin (pictured) is having similar success with another treatment: parkrun.

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Carbs? – You’re taking the pasty! Jurgen Klopp’s not ‘avin it

A bizarre episode of pass the pasty ensued after Liverpool’s away win at Plymouth.

Liverpool’s entertaining manager Jurgen Klopp was taken aback when a weighty Cornish pasty, larger than a football, was handed to him at a press conference.

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Kevin Kellerman talks being a pro MMA fighter and managing type 1 diabetes

Managing type 1 diabetes is hard enough at the best of times, but especially when you’re getting punched in the cage.

That’s the position 22-year-old Kevin Kellerman finds himself in. Having recently packed in his day job to focus full time on becoming a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, the Canadian isn’t willing to let his type 1 diabetes hold him back.

Kevin was diagnosed with the condition aged three, and upon beginning MMA training as a teenager he quickly learnt how the demanding sport – which involves punching, kicking, wrestling and a tonne of other frightening moves – affected his diabetes.

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DCUK Christmas: 15 unique phone wallpapers just for you

2016 is drawing to a close and Christmas is almost here. As a small token of appreciation to all those who have supported us throughout this year we have put together 15 of our best posts as phone wallpapers. To download right click the image and save as. Click read more to see all of the available wallpapers.

On top of that you can also save 15% at our shop with discount code Merry Christmas, hurry offer ends 31st December 2016.


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Get in the Christmas ‘spirit’ – our guide to low-carb alcohol

Judging by the barrage of adverts, the decorations adorning shops, and the repeated sound of Bing Crosby in our ears, it’s socially acceptable to use the ‘C’ word (Christmas). I hate to sound like a Scrooge, but I’m of the opinion that the festivities should begin in December – not the middle of August when your main concern is lighting the barbecue, and clinging on to any sign of the sun’s appearance.

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6 life hacks for people with diabetes at Christmas

Christmas can be magical. But for people with diabetes it can also be an exercise in vigilance. We all know the importance of regular blood glucose testing and medicating accordingly, particularly during Christmas, but what do you do when you see Aunt Gladys tuck in to another piece of Christmas cake and think: “I could go for that”?

Have no fear. We’ve compiled a list of Christmas life hacks for people with diabetes to deter your cravings, inhibit blood sugar spikes and increase your satiety on the big day. Read on…

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Low-carb diet inspired New Zealand to Rugby World Cup success

Ever wondered why New Zealand is so good at rugby? Well, it’s actually due to eating a low-carb diet.

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Emmerdale’s portrayal of diabetic character Kerry Wyatt is having mixed success

Kerry Wyatt is among the more well-known fictional characters with diabetes, but her “actions” in an episode of Emmerdale last week painted a particularly bleak picture of diabetes management.

Having experienced an unpleasant sequence of “soap events”, the diabetic character – who also has diabetic retinopathy – was seen gorging on chocolate and wine, prompting a cluster of Twitter users to voice their concerns.

One person wrote: “How is Kerry eating chocolate, junk food and drinking alcohol when she’s meant to be diabetic?”

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