A lot goes through anyone’s mind during day-to-day life… for example:

“What do I need to do at work today?”, “I need to remember to arrange a doctor’s appointment,” and even, “what should I plan for this weekend?”

For someone with type 1 diabetes, on top of all of these thoughts, they need to remember many other things throughout their day.

How many of these 15 ‘type 1 diabetes’ general thoughts have you had already today?

1. “I wonder what number will appear on my meter this morning…”

Please be good, please be good…

2. “A good reading… how long will this last for?”

I hope the rest of the day, or even the rest of the week if I’m lucky.

3. “I hope this breakfast doesn’t ruin the good streak of blood glucose readings I’ve been having”

4. “How many carbs did I just eat and how much insulin do I give now?”

Cue the calculations.

5. “Meter, insulin, glucose tabs, check… okay I’m ready to leave the house”

6. “What is this horrible feeling in my head and why do I feel so sick?”

Time for a test I think.

7. “Ah… a high blood glucose reading, how typical”

I knew the good streak wouldn’t last long – correction dose time.

8. “Wow, now I’m feeling good… what a great day”

*wonders how much longer this will last for*

9. “Lunch time… so much food, so many carbs”

I hope I get my insulin dose right this time. No more headaches today please.

10. “Why is everything such a struggle right now? I just want to be able to stand up without needing help”

Might be time for another test, and then maybe some glucose tablets and a snack.

11. “A blood glucose reading above 5.5… phew”

Thank you glucose tablets!

12. “Aaaand relax”

How long before I’m testing again… hmm.

13. “Meal time again which means more carb counting… yay”

I really hope I get it right at least once today.

14. “Must remember to grab a new box of test strips for tomorrow”

It could be a disastrous day if I forget.

15. “What an eventful day… one last test and then time for bed”

And I’m so ready to do this all again tomorrow.

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