Celebrations for Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee start on Thursday the 2nd of June. To commemorate the Queen’s 70-year-long reign, lucky Britons are being treated to a special four day bank holiday weekend.

With summer just starting, the extra time off work is the perfect opportunity to get outside and take advantage of the warming weather.

In true Jubilee spirit, here are six royalty-inspired activities to get up to this weekend.


Have a crack at croquet

There’s perhaps no sport more royal than croquet. It’s said that King Charles II introduced the game to Britain in the 1600s. Using brain rather than brawns, croquet doesn’t demand much physically as you use your mallet to navigate your balls through a sequence of six hoops. Up to six players can participate in a single game, making it the perfect chance to socialise while spending some time outdoors.


Bring out the BBQ

As part of the Jubilee celebrations, beacons will be lit all across the UK and Commonwealth on the 2nd of June. Have a go yourself by setting some torches up in the garden, and get quintessentially British by hosting a barbeque.

Impress your friends by making your own brie and caramelise onion burgers, or grill these lamb kebabs with a side of salsa.

Want even more barbeque ideas? Log in or sign-up to our members’ only area to access and download over 15 free diabetes-friendly seasonal cookbooks.


Take the dog for a walk

The Queen’s well-known for her love of corgis, having owned over 30 since her coronation in 1953. In the past, Queen Elizabeth was often spotted taking her posh pooches for a walk, and this weekend is the perfect opportunity to go on a long stroll with your own furry friends. Head to a nearby park or go further afield and explore the countryside. If you don’t have a pet of your own, you could even offer to take a friend’s dog for a walk instead.

Walking is a low-impact activity that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine and is great for reducing your blood glucose levels.


Picnic in the park

Sunday the 5th will see people partying in gardens, streets and parks across Britain. See if the park nearest to you is hosting an event or get together with friends and family and enjoy your own picnic in the sunshine. Spending time outdoors can do wonders for your mental wellbeing, helping to improve your mood and de-stress.

Try baking these scones to bring along with you. Using almond flour, and stevia as an alternative to sugar, these sweet treats are delicious with jam.

If you’re stuck for other options to fill your picnic basket with, some low carb lunch inspiration can be found here, or take your summer salad to the next level with these delicious recipes.


Get out in the garden

The start of June is the perfect time to complete some last-minute garden jobs before it gets too hot and the sun-lounger beckons. You might not have a 39-acre garden like the one at Buckingham Palace, but there will be a lot less weeding involved and you’ll get some exercise in too. You might not realise it, but by weeding, pruning, mowing and digging your garden, you’re actually burning calories, and getting a healthy dose of vitamin D in the process.

Use the spare time to complete that project you keep putting off, or get creative and plant a Jubilee themed display with red geraniums, blue lobelia and white petunias.


Tour a museum

With the unpredictability of the British weather, this list wouldn’t be complete without an indoor option. Lots of museums offer free entry, giving you the chance to take things at a slower pace as you get acquainted with history.

While the Platinum Jubilee is celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s many years of service, there’s been plenty of other royals who have sat on the throne in the past – with some perhaps more controversial than others.

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