As we close our front doors for the last time and embark on our self-isolation, keeping on top of cabin fever and ensuring our brains are active will be one of the hardest obstacles. Here are 13 top tips for staying sane in self-isolation.

1. Stay hydrated – keeping on top of your hydration is essential, ensure you are drinking plenty of fluids- using a water bottle can be a helpful way to keep track of how much you are drinking each day.

2. Keep moving – why not try a home workout, walk up and down the stairs, use the chair or sofa to do squats – get creative with keeping active.

3. Phone a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in a while – picking up the phone and talking to others is a great way to keep in touch, engaging with others and letting them know you are here if they want to talk.

4. Keep in contact virtually with family and friends – Whatsapp, Skype or other virtual means of keeping in contact with your loved ones can be helpful. Don’t forget, it won’t only help you, but seeing your face will help cheers others up too!

5. Visit the Forumuse the community to share your ideas, concerns, worries or anything you wish to talk about – whether it’s diabetes-related or not! There will be plenty of other people on there self-isolating and keeping themselves safe too.

6. Focus on your food and nutrition – Eating nutritious foods and focusing on a healthy balanced diet will keep you in tip-top shape and experimenting with recipes can keep you active for a few hours.

7. Consider taking a vitamin D supplement – if you’re going to be inside more, chances are you’ll be getting less sunlight, especially at this time of year. Throw open the curtains and let the sunlight in! You could also consider taking a vitamin D supplement.

8. Watch a documentary or a film – if you can’t go to the cinema, bring the cinema to you.

9. Read a book – do you struggle to find the time to read normally? With more time on your hands, reading could be a great distraction, whether fact or fiction. You could even set up an online book club with friends and family.

10. Play sudoku, try a crossword, colour in, or paint – challenge your mind and unleash your artistic side.

11. Take the time to organise your cupboards – organising your cupboards – be it food shelves, wardrobes, or the cupboard under the stairs that explodes every time you open it. Now is a great opportunity to bite the bullet and organise it.

12. Wash your hands regularly – good hygiene is extremely important and washing your hands for 20 seconds at a time is important to maintain good hygiene. Sing Happy Birthday to yourself or come up with another song.

13. Practice mindfulness or meditation – staying calm and relaxed might be hard to think about with the heightened anxiety but practising mindfulness and or meditation regularly can help to keep the mind focused but also start to relax the mind and body.

Overall, wherever you are, keep yourself safe and keep up to date with the developments. You can find out more information on our Guide to the Coronavirus, or use the Government and NHS websites to stay informed.

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