Over 6,300 HypoCards have been distributed to people with diabetes, offering crucial guidance in dealing with hypoglycaemia, a potentially life-threatening condition.

GlucoRx, a healthcare company based in Surrey initiated the HypoCard campaign in September, aiming to provide every person with diabetes with a wallet-sized information card.

The HypoCard provides advice on managing hypoglycaemia, which arises when blood sugar levels drop below 4mmol/L.

The card outlines symptoms of hypoglycaemia, such as sweating, fatigue, dizziness, and shakiness. It provides recommended treatment methods, including the consumption of small sweets or fruit juice.

Launched under the tagline ‘one card can save your life’, the HypoCard also outlines the symptoms of hypoglycaemia, equipping individuals to recognise and respond to these warning signs.

Since the campaign’s launch in September, the company has reported dispatching a total of 6,388 HypoCards.

Hospitals and GP practices have received 5,591 cards, with an additional 797 cards directly sent to individuals with diabetes who contacted the Guildford-based company.

In instances of sudden illness or the inability to communicate effectively, the pocket-sized card contains crucial information, prompting others to seek emergency services for assistance.

Chris Chapman, GlucoRx’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “The aim is for every person with diabetes to have a HypoCard – it could save their life.

“A hypo can occur suddenly and having a HypoCard in your wallet informs those around you that you need help.”

“The interest in the HypoCards since our campaign began shows their value in making people with diabetes feel safer. Living with diabetes can feel relentless, so if this helps to alleviate even a small part of that burden, it’s a worthwhile project.

“On a broader scale, the HypoCards raise awareness of a condition that, if untreated, can be fatal. For someone with diabetes, their life may depend on it.”

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