Christmas when younger …

I would relish Christmas dinner and each follow up dinner for much of the next week. After having tucked into roast potatoes and plenty of stuffing I’d then look forward to my favourite part, the puddings*, which usually consisted of 2 or 3 of the following; Christmas pudding with plenty of brandy butter, trifle, Christmas cake, mince pies and Christmas ice cream -a home made speciality of my father and probably my favourite.

I tried my best to guess how much insulin to take but the feat was near impossible. I could be wrong by up to 5 units and if I overguessed by this much I’d be jingling all the way to my local hospital -so to prevent this I would opt for ‘caution’ and allow my sugar levels to drift anywhere between 14 and 20 mmols/l for a number of consecutive days :-S

Low carb Chrimbo
Last year I had my first lower carb Christmas which was certainly a vast improvement on previous Christmasses. I remember quite clearly cutting a mince pie in half and I must admit I still feel quite proud of that particular show of restraint.

This year I shall try to emulate the success. I’ll most likely enjoy a couple of roast potatoes and, knowing myself, will more than likely have a try of the various desserts but I’ll be aware of the fact that I can’t go crazy. In the new year I’ll let you know whether this commitment manages to hold or not.

If you manage to keep your blood sugar under control over the festive period, you deserve a big hand, but if it proves to be a step too far, make sure you don’t beat yourself up -it only comes round once a year.

Have a very Merry Christmas one and all!

*I should probably just note for the avoidance of any doubt that I’m type 1 and was always on the border of being underweight so the Christmas indulgence has no particular bearing on my becoming diabetic.

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