It seems as though my blood sugar levels have caught up with the milder weather as this week I’ve had two morning hypos.

The first time was somewhat of a pain in the posterior as it meant I was late getting up. Not having enough sugar in the brain seems to render it impossible for me to realise it’s the morning -or impossible to realise that life isn’t one continuous dream is perhaps a clearer way of putting it.

The Krypton Factor
This morning saw hypoglycemia number 2 this week. Thankfully, I was able to get up on time but the process of getting ready was like trying to complete the Krypton Factor.

I was taking breakfast products out of the fridge with all the dexterity of a drunken octopus and ending up spilling half of them, meaning I spent almost as much time cleaning up as I did getting ready.

Picking a shirt to wear in the morning is usually a choice, today it became a challenge and when it came to reaching for my socks, for some inexplicable reason, the fridge became the most sensible option in my insulin-addled mind.

Glucose meter or thermometer
Having eventually left for work, albeit after trying the wrong key to lock my door and then getting to work and almost making a cup of tea with two teabags, I started to think about why I’ve been going low this week. The weather has certainly got significantly milder this last week or so, so perhaps instead of just using a glucose meter, I should also employ a thermometer to help judge my insulin doses.

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