Oh dear I sigh, as another virus comes my way and has me coughing my lungs out somewhat. It’s less the drowsy feeling and the pains in the chest whenever I have a real good cough that bother me, it’s the blood sugar levels getting so out of whack that troubles me.

Liver la vida loca

I wish I could tell my liver, “It’s ok, I’ll handle the sugar provision this time. Please don’t drop another two teaspoons of glucose into my blood again!”

But, alas, it’s useless. There my body goes again and dutifully dumps half a sack of sugary non-goodness into my weary arteries. Crazy liver indeed.

Burning up

As a result of this, I find myself typing with a headache emerging, having drank three good sized drinks in the last hour and sweating with a body temperature that has me recalling Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now lyrics:
“Two hundred degrees that’s why they call me Mr. Fahrenheit”

It has me thinking again, if we could control our own glucagon production, perhaps illness wouldn’t be such a high sugar fuelled ride.

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