I’m new to this whole blogging thing, but I felt like I would feel privileged just to talk about diabetes, as over the years I have come to accept it.

So My names chelsea I’m 18 years old and lived with Diabetes since I was 8 years old. I’ve had a lot of problems with my diabetes over the years (I will talk about this at a later date), but one thing I have learnt is that although there will be bad days with it, Diabetes shouldn’t control your life it should be part of you and your identity.

I’m now living a life which I am happy with, I’m chasing for my dreams, and yes there is times where I get stressed about my diabetes, I am a perfectionist, I spent so many years wanting it to be perfect, but I came to realise that you can only do the best you can.

I basically think what I am trying to say is, just have don’t let it win, let it be part of you and who you are. I’ve learnt that and being recently diagnosed with depression, my HBA1C was 7.9% despite this stress, it just shows that you have to take things as they come.

I hope to post more on here! i feel I would love to share my experiences with people, and be in contact with people who also want to share theire experiences. Take care:)

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