To follow on from my first post, I’ve now completed the second week of the Atkins Induction and have lost another kilogram. That’s a total of 4 kgs in the two weeks! Great, except that I can’t see or feel any difference – I’d really like someone to notice the development. Too early I suppose.

The Induction Phase doesn’t really suit me – I don’t like any meat except poultry and fish. I love vegetables and all this salad with olive oil leaves me a bit queasy and I miss the comforting stodge of pasta, rice and mashed potatoes. Still I’ll continue at this level a bit longer and try to lose more weight.

I’ve been helped (?) by using a special Bach Flower Remedies “package” for Emotional Overeaters. I wonder if anyone else has experience of this? I’m actually feeling pretty positive towards it because I’m a really big comfort eater and sometimes think it’s a compulsion. I do believe that this is helping my motivation and keeping me in-line.

The Blood Sugar levels are currently excellent  so the diet is working for me on that vital front.

So, all in all, I feel good, but queasy, about the whole thing.

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