I would first like to introduce myself my name is Lisa, I am 31 years old, I have had a diabetic since 2006.

I have been struggling with my weight since just before I was diagnosed.

when I saw the advert for people to trial the Almased, I thought what the hell i’ll apply I have nothing to lose but maybe a lot to gain, I have tried other slimming programmes like slimming world and weight care but I didn’t get on with them.

I have 4 children at home an currently don’t work.

Today I received the package and apart from being like a kid at christmas wondering what was inside I finally got a 1st look at what to expect from this trail inside my package was 3 tubs of Almased powder a shaker and a leaflet explaining how to follow the plan which to my surprise looks more manageable then expected.

As I am  busy full time mummy I have only at this point managed to have a quick look but once I have done with dinner, bath and bedtime I plan to read through the booklet before i embark on this journey and will keep you all posted

lisa x

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