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So here we are one week in on the Almased diet.  how’s everyone getting on?  I have to say, now the initial 3 day detox is over, I feel even better.  I found the 3rd full day the hardest (after my slight blip), was very lethargic, a feeling which normally has me reaching for the “naughties” to, in theory give me a boost (as bad as I know that is, it is a habit, I am working hard to break).  Anyway, fast forward to one full week, and I can honestly say I am more energised, with clearer skin and mental clarity.  My blood sugar levels are within target range most of the time, which is a first since I was diagnosed with diabetes last year, and definitely the biggest factor in my increased energy and alertness.

I have to agree with the nutritionists’ advice in that you really do get used to the taste.  I will repeat, I wouldn’t say it was my first choice of tipple, but I don’t mind it now, and it is much more palatable.  Following a previous post I have experimented with the flavours, and have found that 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon seems to make the most difference, I tried adding vanilla flavouring but after 10 drops and still not tasting a difference, I gave that one up for fear of using a whole bottle on one shake !!.

I’m almost a little nervous about entering the stabilisation phase and changing to 2 meals and only one shake.  whilst I haven’t hugely follow the recommended recipes as I’ve tried to keep what I am eating as close to the families meals as possible; a – for ease of preparation b – more cost effective than preparing separate meals.  So tonight I am looking at what meals I have planned for the rest of the week, and how to incorporate the Almased plan.  During the reduction phase, days 4-7 I chose lunchtime to eat an actual meal and stuck to a colourful salads with  plain cooked chicken, although have had to eat a slice of bread on 2 occasions due to low blood sugar following a long dog walk.  It has to be said even the dog seems to be getting something out of this as I have upped my pace from a dawdle to what some may class as a power walk 🙂

I was sceptical before undertaking this trial, but can currently only see positives for using Almased.  Personally from a weight loss point of view initially, but more importantly long term the keeping my blood sugars stable to prevent the onset of any diabetes related complications.  I love the fact that it is made from all natural ingredient as many meal replacement have all sorts of artificialness added to them, and I am consciously trying to keep my diet as natural as possible.  From a weight loss point of view I currently stand at 4lb, which I am delighted about.  I’m sure others have lost more, some less but for me this has given my healthy outlook a kick up the proverbial and is spurring me on to continue to find my inner skinny.  ( not too skinny, not planning on turning into “lollipop head” like some celebs!) but slimmer, more active and healthier)

I am loving reading how others are getting on, hope you are all getting as much from this experience as I am 🙂

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