Well dawn was a while ago but you know what I mean. I slept a little better, no thanks to the enormous hairy galloper that decided to make a dash for my bed at 11.30pm… thank goodness for my daughter who isn’t afraid of them and gently ushers them out the front door    😀

So I decided to weigh myself this morning, too soon I know, but I was curious due to the copious amounts of trips to the loo I have had to make and my goodness 3lb in two days!   Mostly fluid I suppose but it’s encouraging all the same as long as it doesn’t get silly … too much loss isn’t good, right?

So another lovely sunny morning and I’m not starving yet, which is good, but I have noticed that my fasting BG level is up both yesterday and today. Is this a glucose dump due to too little before bed I wonder, or too much sugar in the Almased … whatever is causing it I am normally between 4.9 and 5.3 first thing, and both days I have been 5.9.  I will be keeping a close watch on this.

So off to get the housework done early (it’s 7am).

Have a wonderful shaking Sunday xx

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