Well day 7 was a very good day as far as sticking to the plan (Almased) went. It was also an incredibly busy day and I was on the go from 6am until 9pm when I fell into bed exhausted.

I have ordered my next batch of Almased (3) to carry on with after the trial is over, as the days are whizzing past and day 14 will be here before I know it!

It does seem to give me much more energy and instead of just bearing the taste, as I did for the first few days, I actually look forward to my next shake. My stomach has shrunk quite a bit I would guess, because I feel full with much less and even a shake has me feeling a little over full for the first half hour.

So far it has been a very positive experience for me and will absolutely be a part of my life for the foreseable future, as I want to lose all excess weight in preparation for major operations I have coming up … a knee replacement first, followed by hip replacements.

So stable BG levels and a leaner me for the summer, yay  😀

Happy shaking happy people xx

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