First day: I was experiencing severe headache, stomach was churning and making noises all day, i felt lethargic, bad tempered and i ended up having fruit/low fat yogurt before bed to help me sleep. Second day was sunday, being with the whole family, which means food, food, food!! This was upsetting and i nibbled at some meat but no carbs. Craving eased and i felt i could cope, drinks help for very short period but ive started experiencing acid reflux. Not too bad but long day. Day three, I am feeling hungry, head throbbing, quick tempered, feel physically and mentally crap. Stress level higher which makes me more hungry as i ended up inhaling fridge late at night. Slept well knowing i was full. My 4th day, at work since 8.30am – 6.30pm. Have no energy and wanting junk today. Drinks not helping to fill me. Not a good day.

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