#11 – It won’t matter if I have 2 chocolate bars, I am pretty low after all…

#10 – 1.3, I’m pretty sure this constitutes a sick day

#9 – It’s alright, I don’t need any help

#8 – My body is saying sleep but my brain is saying stay awake #diabeticprobz

#7 – I thought I carb counted right… damn.

#6 – Why do tasks seem 1000% harder when I’m low? I’m just trying to unscrew a lid and it’s like mission impossible!

#5 – At what level should I panic? Is it now? Is it lower? Ok im already panicking.

#4 – Hand over the carbs and nobody gets hurt.

#3 – I definitely had glucotabs in here somewhere

#2 – Can everybody just BACK OFF for five minutes so I can wallow in my own low-ness

#1 – If only I had a pump…

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