So it’s onto the home straight!!!! Day eleven is over and it was my first day where I had 3 solid meals and one shake. To be honest I have missed the shakes.

I received my extra tub today, many thanks to Almased for sending it to me.

So I’m now onto the life stage which consists of having 3 solid meals with one shake every day. I only have 3 days left of the trial and I really don’t want it to end! I have enjoyed writing my blog every day!

I am due to have my Hb1 blood test in a couple of weeks and it will be interesting to see what my results are. As you all know I have had real difficulty controlling my blood sugars as I love everything that is bad for me. I had been really good for 8 weeks before I started the Almased trial and I had reduced my blood sugars but they have been significantly better and more constant over the last 11 days. My blog will have finished by the time I get my results but I will put my results on the diabetes forum. I will also get my thyroid function results and Im hoping that my metabolism has improved and my medication reduced. Fingers crossed!

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