Amanda’s fifth day

So it’s the end of day five and I have struggled today. I found it so much easier when I didn’t have to think about food and since I’ve been able to eat one meal of solid food I’ve felt hungry and can’t think of anything else other than food.

The good news is the headache has completely gone and finally the diarrhoea has stopped so feel very good health wise….just can’t stop thinking about food!!!!

Blood sugars have been constant after lunch but still high in the mornings. I have taken a reading at 3am for the past two mornings and it has been good at 7 but is up to 11 by the time I get up so I’m definitely going to speak to my diabetic nurse about dawn phenomenon.

Going to try the kedgeree recipe tomorrow and also wondering if I should swap the meal to evening instead of lunchtime to see if that stops me focusing on food all day!

Have a good evening!!!

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I am a 44 year old who lives in Nottingham. I am a retail manager for a pet food retailer. I also train puppies from 12 weeks old which I absolutely love. Would rather have a puppy than a child! I have diabetes type 2 and an underactive thyroid. I love chocolate and all the foods that are not good for diabetics.

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