Good Morning fellow diabetics!!!! I’m doing the fourteen day Almased trial and yesterday was my first day. First let me tell you a little about myself and my battle with diabetes. I was diagnosed in November 2011 and I am sure Cadbury’s shares fell overnight!!! I am a chocoholic so being told that I was diabetic was an especially cruel blow. I have struggled with my weight for a good few decades, but help came when I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid in 2007. At my heaviest I weighed 14 stone. With my thyroid medication I didn’t diet but my weight gradually went down to 11 stone which is we’re I have stayed for the last few years. I’m only 5ft 3 ” so ideally need to lose some more.  I am a naughty diabetic and after my initial diagnosis I was exceptionally good and managed to get my blood sugar reading down to 7.8 in my first 3 months. However I do tend to be a little obsessive/compulsive and I had got myself a blood glucose monitor. My poor fingers,those first few months. I would test before breakfast, after breakfast,before lunch, after lunch, before dinner, after dinner and before bed. Oh ok and a few more in between!!!!  The doctor was very pleased with my blood glucose level in those first months but would not prescribe the testing strips so since then I’ve pretty much been an “out of sight out of mind” kind of girl! However my current diabetic nurse has listened to me and has prescribed the strips so I have been a little Angel for the last seven weeks.

So……on to Almased!!

Day 1…… Starting weight – 11 stone

Age 44 and a half!

Mental state- optimistic!

I go to make my first shake and already confused! The booklet says I need to mix 300-350ml milk with 50g of powder but the leaflet inside the tub says because of my height I should mix 200ml milk with 40g of powder. I go for the lower amount which is so unlike me!! I’m a quantity kinda girl! Email the contact from Almased and await a reply.

Lunch time……same again!

Dinner time…… same again!!!

Surprisingly I haven’t felt hungry! I usually eat because it’s my favourite hobby!!!  The shake itself is not bad at all! It does have a slight powdery taste but it’s not unpleasant. They sent a great little shaker with a metal ball in it,works like a whisk! I love it!!!

Day 2…… Woke up after 8 hours sleep. Unusual for me when I am off work. I have taken annual leave for two weeks which has coincided with the trial. Shock, horror …I’m not hungry! Jump on the scales, told you I was obsessive/compulsive! 10 stone 13 pounds Woohoo. Still waiting for a reply from my email to Almased so I make my first shake of the day with the lower amount. It tastes better today or is it the pound I have lost telling my brain that it tastes good to keep me going! I don’t care either way!

I made the vegetable broth yesterday! Only had one bowl as it tastes of nothing and I had to add lots of salt & pepper.

Roll on lunchtime! Can’t wait to jump on the scales in the morning!

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