I’m coming to the end of day four and this was the first day I could have solid food. I tried the chilli con carne recipe out of the Almased booklet and it was delicious! I decided to have the meal at lunchtime rather than as the evening meal.

To be honest I have felt hungry today. I felt much fuller on those first 3 days. It has taken a lot of willpower not to eat anything else especially when my nephews came round! I could seriously eat a small child!

The headache has subsided to just a dull ache but still have the trots! Had an email from the nutritionist from Almased who said the symptoms were quite normal as my body adjusts to the new highly nutritious diet and should only last a few days which is a relief.

Weighed myself again this morning and I’ve lost another pound! Woohoo!

I’ve really grown to like the taste of Almased and look forward to my shake. My energy levels have definitely increased as I haven’t had an afternoon nap for the last few days.

All in all the experience so far has been very rewarding.

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