Hello again!!!! Here I am at the end of the first week of the trial and its been relatively easy apart from the two days where I could of eaten a small child!!

I’ve done the same as yesterday and had my solid meal at dinnertime instead  of lunch and that really works much better for me. All my side effects have gone which has pleased me no end!!!

I’m a bit concerned I will not have enough Almased to last until the end of the trial and I have been weighing it out every time I have made a shake. I have already used a full container and about two thirds through the second one. I only have one full one left!!!! Yikes!!!! I know the person with the best blog wins an iPad but I think I would rather win a years supply of Almased! I love the stuff!!! Even better when you realise how good it is for you!!! I seriously think I will have it every day after the trial! I haven’t had an afternoon nap all week which is unheard of for me. My energy levels have gone through the roof.

Feel so good I’m off for a swim in the morning!

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