Amanda’s sixth day

It’s day six and I have fared much better today!  I swapped the solid meal to dinner instead of lunchtime and I haven’t been hungry today. Obviously this works better for me than having my meal at lunchtime. Tomorrow is the last day of the reduction phase then it will be one shake for breakfast and two solid meals. I really hope that I don’t struggle like I did on days four and five.

I tried another recipe from the booklet for my dinner this evening. I made the kedgeree and it was lovely. I have been really impressed with the recipes in the booklet. They are extremely easy to prepare and all so far have been delicious. Tomorrow I’m making the Irish stew.

I feel very good in myself and my energy levels are high. I will definitely continue with the Almased diet at the end of the trial. I never thought I would be able to survive on a liquid diet but this shake really does make you feel full and I now find it quite enjoyable. I would definitely recommend it to family and friends. Both my sister’s and my mum have commented on my weight loss which to date is five pounds and I think I will definitely lose ten pounds  by the end of the trial.

My blood sugar levels have been much more stable and even though I am experiencing higher levels in the morning, which to be fair have always been quite high, I am very pleased with the my later readings. It’s the lowest they have been for quite sometime. Before starting this trial I had been really working hard at bringing my levels down and had been really strict for the last seven weeks. I do feel the Almased has really helped with stabilizing my blood sugars and for that reason alone I would stay on this diet.

I have been trying to add some photos to my blog but to no avail. Will see if I can add them tomorrow.

Looking forward to tomorrow and my continued weight loss!!!!

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