#7 – Changing the needle for every injection

(We know it’s a pain, but your skin will thank you)

#6 – Keeping spare insulin in the fridge

You’re thinking “Nope. It can stay in the bag.” but eventually resolve that yeah, it’s got to go in the fridge so it doesn’t go off.

#5 – Not leaving it until you only have 1 test strip left before getting your repeat prescription

Lots of panic… time to call the doctor!

#4 – Bolusing for snacks

It was just a bag of crisps …and an apple …then the hobnobs.

Keep an eye on what you’re eating and when those snacks really do need a bolus.

#3 – Not carrying emergency carbs to treat a hypo

You just kinda wander round thinking “Someone please help, I have literally no idea what’s going on right now”

#2 – Rage bolusing because sugar levels aren’t going down as quick as you’d hoped

If you’re guilty of doing this, don’t get caught out by a nasty hypo as a result. Better still, wait ‘til you’re calm before working whether you need to bolus

#1 – Recording literally everything you eat, measure or inject

It drives us all crazy, but it’s for the best. That’s what the DN said anyway…

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