Basically we’re all sick of hearing the same things repeated about diabetes, and it’s time to dispel those myths once and for all. Share this everywhere you can (yes, everywhere) and scream it in the face of your enemies at once.

#11 – People with diabetes can’t eat sugar

Probably the most common of the diabetes-related myths… Truth is that people with diabetes need to eat a diet that is balanced, which can include some sugar in moderation. So yes, people with diabetes can eat sugar.

 #10 – Type 2 diabetes is mild

No. Just no. No form of diabetes is mild. If type 2 is poorly managed, it can lead to serious complications.

#9 – Type 2 diabetes only affects fat people

Though type 2 diabetes is often associated with being overweight and obese by the media, it is untrue that type 2 diabetes only affects overweight people. About 20% of people with type 2 diabetes are a normal weight, or underweight.

#8 – People with diabetes should only eat diabetic food

I’m sure this one irritates most of us (especially at Christmas and Easter when people are just ‘wanting the best for us’). People with diabetes can still eat the same food as everyone else, just in moderation.

#7 – People with diabetes go blind and lose their legs

Sure, diabetes is one of the most common causes of blindness and amputation each year, but with a good level of blood glucose control these things are largely preventable. Sticking to a good regime and having regular health checks can be a really good place to start.

#6 – People with diabetes are dangerous drivers

Mostly false. The main danger of driving for people with diabetes is if they have a hypo. Hypos are preventable though, and the vast majority of people test before they drive.

#5 – People with diabetes shouldn’t play sport

Not true! There’s plenty of diabetic athletes out there who cope just fine with having diabetes. A bit of exercise is always a great idea as part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Obviously it’s important to keep an eye on blood sugar levels during exercise, so keep your meter with you if you do take up a sport!

#4 – People with diabetes can’t do many jobs

Nope. Not true. In fact, the kinds of jobs that people with diabetes can do is more varied than ever before!

 #3 – People with diabetes are more likely to be ill

People with diabetes are no more susceptible to colds than anyone else. Illness can make diabetes a bit harder to manage, though. Don’t forget those flu jabs, folks.

#2 – Diabetes is contagious

This one’s a bit of a playground myth. Diabetes can’t be caught from anyone else, not via blood, touch, sneezing or even snogging. The only way diabetes can be passed on is from parents to their children, and even that isn’t guaranteed.

#1 – If nobody in your family has diabetes, you won’t get it either

Diabetes isn’t exclusively a genetic disease, and family history is only a risk factor.

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