As December begins, families across the country have no doubt been locking horns over just when is “too early” for Christmas decorations to go up.

A divisive issue, yes, but another quandary many find themselves in annually is what Christmas present to purchase for your loved one, family member or friend with diabetes.

We’ve selected five of the finest gifts that somebody with diabetes could receive, inevitably leading to admiration and appreciation from your esteemed receiver.

5. Healthy chocolate


Many will attest that diabetic chocolate is a bit of a disaster. Overpriced and low in taste, diabetic chocolate has also been known to possess a laxative effect, while containing just as much fat and calories as the ordinary versions.

Dark chocolate is the only reliably good chocolate, and while the taste may not be for everyone, your recipient with diabetes will at least be guaranteed a sweeter gift than chocolate that results in their blood sugar levels soaring.

Dark chocolate is high in cocoa, low in sugar and with its fat mainly derived from cocoa butter, it is healthier than milk chocolate, which has a higher sugar content and relies on emulsifiers.

Before buying your winner of a Christmas gift, keep an eye out for a cocoa content of 70 per cent upwards for the healthiest options.

4. Think inside the (shoe) box

Foot care is incredibly important for people with diabetes and while perhaps not glamorous, some comfortable, high quality shoes would ensure a much-welcomed Christmas gift.

Purchasing vouchers for some shoes presents choice to the buyer, who can then enjoy a trip to their favourite shoe shop, should they have one.

Firstly, ensure that the vouchers are financially sufficient for a purchase of shoes, and watch as your less obvious Christmas present sets a precedent for truly excellent gifts.

3. A sporting gesture


People with type 1 and type 2 diabetes can benefit greatly from exercise, which is why a present of sporting significance can serve a useful purpose.

A free trial membership to a gym, swimming bath or leisure centre can be affordable, as can certain home work out instruments such as weights or exercise machines.

Otherwise, a pedometer to count your steps when exercising is a great way of encouraging fitness.

2. Low calorie alcohol

This present will only be suitable for those above the age of 18, but there are certain alcoholic options that are more beneficial for people with diabetes to consume.

Each person with diabetes will react differently to alcohol, which can lead to hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia depending on how much you drink, what you drink and when you last ate.

However, certain drinks such as light beers and dry wines are good choices for people with diabetes as they have less alcohol, reduced sugar and fewer calories.

A good wine, especially, is a fine pick as it is low in carbohydrate, recognised as part of a Mediterranean diet and a drink that generally most people tend to like.

Dry spirits such as gin, vodka, whiskey are also very low in fructose, however, you should steer clear of sparkling or mulled wines as these will noticeably raise blood sugar levels.

1. A kitchen friend


Diabetes meal planning can be arduous for people with diabetes, so why not offer a hand in the kitchen this year?

Buying a blender will help your recipient be able to make homemade soups, while a steamer can assist with faster preparation of vegetables.

Low fat fryers, meanwhile, are great for making meat and fish dishes, with pressure cookers also advised if you know your recipient is keen on making lentils and pulses such as chickpeas and kidney beans.

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