People with type 1 diabetes can often find themselves fighting myths about the condition, such as correcting those who claim they can’t eat sugar, but there are also several other struggles that can impact day-to-day life.

These are the struggles that can befall people living with type 1 diabetes on a regular basis. They are character-building, and despite the annoyance they cause, they can be helpful in developing patience and resiliency when managing diabetes.

We’ve taken a look at 11 struggles that fit in this category. (Some may also be applicable if you have type 2 diabetes).

1. Having a hypo before bed

2. Rationing test strips

3. Losing your insulin pen down the couch

4. Low blood sugar before intimacy

5. Trying to use your phone as a light to test in the night

6. Error messages on your meter

7. Leaving your medication at home

8. Going low during exercise

9. The looks you get when you inject in public

10. Fitting in three GP/hospital appointments within a week

11. Getting lumpy skin on summer holidays

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