Anyone with diabetes, whether it’s type 1 or type 2, knows that people have many stupid opinions regarding the condition. More often than not, it is people without diabetes that believe the majority of diabetes myths, therefore asking the questions that nobody with the condition wants to hear.

Here are just 11 of the many ridiculous opinions people have and the reactions likely to be triggered by them.

1. “So you’re not allowed to eat anything with sugar in then?”

giphy (16)
Yes, you’re absolutely right, I can’t eat any sugar at all…

2. “I bet it hurts when you inject.”

giphy (17)

3. “Should you really be eating that?”

giphy (18)
Please, just don’t talk to me.

4. “If you eat that you’ll go into a diabetic coma.”

giphy (19)

5. “A very distant relative of mine has that too… you know you could go blind?”

giphy (27)

6. “I would hate to inject myself every single day for the rest of my life.”

giphy (21)
That’s lovely, thank you for telling me.

7. “Did you know there’s diabetic chocolate?”

giphy (22)
Just stop right there.

8. “It must be pretty cool getting to eat as many snacks as you want whenever your blood sugar is low.”

giphy (23)

9. “I wish I could get time off work to go to as many hospital appointments as you do.”

giphy (24)
Believe me, you really don’t.

10. “Maybe you could get rid of it if you just exercised.”

giphy (25)
What a great idea. Please, tell me more.

11. “Having diabetes isn’t really that much of a big deal is it?”

giphy (28)
Yes… no big deal at all.


How many of these reactions have you had to opinions about diabetes? Let us know in the comments box below.

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