We’ve put together some of our all-time favourite low carb lunches to keep your tummy and your blood sugar levels happy. Look forward to lunch but not to that mid afternoon spike! (We warn you – if you’re reading this while hungry, resist the temptation to lick the screen)

1. Zingy chicken kebabs

You can make these for dinner the night before and make a few extra to pack for lunch the next day. These kebabs taste amazing and have only 2.1g of carbs per serving. Recipe here: bit.ly/2najsxA


2. Quinoa and halloumi salad

Who doesn’t love halloumi cheese?! No one. That’s what I thought. Recipe here: bit.ly/2kN7UiC


3. Herby vegetable frittata

Like an omelette, but more exciting. This frittata is filled with veggies, cheese and herby goodness. Recipe here: bit.ly/2kLWPuv


4. Hot smoked salmon salad

This hot salad has so many flavours and textures, we just know you’ll love it. Low in carb but high in taste. Recipe here: bit.ly/2nnrF24


5. Chinese style chicken

For an oriental lunch, this Chinese style chicken hits the spot. It feels like you’re cheating with a Chinese takeaway but have no guilt with this low carb lunch. Recipe here: bit.ly/2msGzjq


6. Tomato and mozzarella salad

Have a taste of Italy with this light salad. Perfect for those days where you want something delicious with minimal effort needed. Recipe here: bit.ly/2liSMtd


7. Spiced chicken and cous cous

This lunch feels like you’re cheating with the satiating feel of cous cous – but don’t worry, it still comes in at just 12g of carbs per serving. #win Recipe here: bit.ly/2mZyqpN


8. Tomato soup

Tomato soup is an old favourite for those cold days. This soup is full of fresh flavours and is just a big hug in a bowl. Recipe here: bit.ly/2msJDvV


9. Mushroom omelette

This mushroom omelette is a great weekday lunch – pair with some veggies or salad to make it extra hearty. Recipe here: bit.ly/2nnwkBf


10. Mutter paneer

This flavourful dish is the perfect leftovers lunch. Make a big batch for dinner and save some for lunch the next day. This one is good. Trust us. Recipe here: bit.ly/2l7ABrG


11. Spinach and feta rolls

These spinach and feta rolls are so satisfying. Have one as a light snack or have a few with a salad for lunch. Recipe here: bit.ly/2gTeHBB


12. Lentil and quinoa salad

Salads don’t have to be limp and boring – this lentil and quinoa salad will keep your taste buds and your blood sugar levels happy. Recipe here: bit.ly/2mfMWqv


13. Cheesy stuffed mushrooms with tomato

These mushrooms are deliciously filling with the perfect amount of cheesiness. Recipe here: bit.ly/2msFpo7


14. Mixed veg with noodles

This fresh spring dish is a tasty lunch that’s quick and easy to whip up. It can also be eaten hot or cold, depending on what you fancy. Recipe here: bit.ly/2mspmWk


15. Sweetcorn soup

Think it’s weird to put sweetcorn in your soup? Think again. This is what sweet and salty dreams are made of. Recipe here: bit.ly/2nEY7J8


16. Thai wrap

These Thai inspired wraps make a great lunch that you can wrap up and eat on the go. Recipe here: bit.ly/2mNQ4fw


17. Cheesy courgette fritatta

This cheesy courgette frittata is seriously delicious. Low carb and cheese – what more could you want? Recipe here: bit.ly/2kwQ0MU


18. Peperonata

This low carb lunch is good for you and your blood sugar levels. Did we mention it’s also supremely yummy? Recipe here: bit.ly/2mJ8f4D


19. Thai coconut and mixed veg soup

This soup can be made in a big batch and stored in the fridge for lunches all week. Full of veg and creamy coconut, what more could you want for lunch? Recipe here: bit.ly/2l6LxEX


Which of these dishes are you excited to try? Let us know your favourites!

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