More and more doctors are advocating a low-carb diet to treat their patients who have diabetes. But who has achieved the most success?

Thanks to Dr David Unwin, we can show you which doctor holds the world record for improving type 2 diabetes using a low-carb diet, in many cases reversing it/putting it into remission.

American doctors Dr Dave Didden, from Jefferson County Health Department, and Dr Mark Cucuzella, from West Virginia University medical school, lead the way.

The two have helped one of their patients to lose a staggering 18.4 percentage points (201 mmol/mol) off their HbA1c levels. This is significant enough a reduction to normalise blood glucose levels and help patients come off medication.

In the UK, some incredible work is being done too. Dr Unwin and colleague Dr Simon Tobin of Norwood Surgery Southport have been active in launching patient awareness of a low-carb diet, and both feature within the top eight.

But it is Dr Kesar Sadhra, from Manor Park Medical Centre, and Dr Claire Bailey, GP and wife of Dr Michael Mosley, author of The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet, who achieved the most success in the UK.

Upon recommending low-carb to their patients, Sadhra and Bailey have overseen a drop of 10.6% (116 mmol/mol) and 8.7% (95 mmol/mol), respectively.

The Low Carb Program makes the top 10!

Two of our most incredible year-long follow-ups showed one user lowered their HbA1c by 6.8% (75 mmol/mol), while another lost 7% (77 mmol/mol).

What’s interesting is that the Low Carb Program is remotely accessed – rather than in person. Considering that, the results are fantastic!

Low-carb diet evidence

This month alone we reported on some significant low-carb findings including a 64-year-old man with type 2 diabetes who came off medication upon adopting the diet, and a study by London Metropolitan University calling for new dietary guidelines that promote lower-carbohydrate intake for people with diabetes.

Evidence is persistently showing that a low-carb diet is the best dietary treatment for people with diabetes, and it’s increasingly hard to ignore.

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