JDRF has joined forces with the American Diabetes Association and Insulin for Life (IFL USA) in a landmark partnership to provide relief for people with diabetes who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

A record 51.88 inches of rain had fallen in Texas by Tuesday afternoon, according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC), a record for any storm in the continental United States.

There has consequently been great concern among diabetes institutions about people not being able to access the supplies they need to manage their diabetes.

More than 200,000 syringes, 50,000 pen needles and 20,000 alcohol pads have since been distributed to Houston, along with 25,000 units of analogue and human insulins.

Dozens of blood glucose meters and thousands of test strips and lancets have also been issued, which should allow people to test blood sugar levels for three times a day for around two months.

“During emergency crises such as this, it is critical for people with diabetes to have access to the medications and testing supplies needed to maintain proper blood glucose control, and to prevent serious sudden complications such as hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia,” said a JRDF statement.

IFL USA has also secured an additional four pallets of donated diabetes supplies and is in the process of delivering them to shelters and health care providers in Houston.

The American Diabetes Association has set up a resource full of information for people affected by the flooding, including advice on how to help someone with diabetes and signs of a diabetes emergency.

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