We’ve all had stomachs doing metaphorical flips before a date, and people with diabetes aren’t exempt from that (sorry). Moreover, having diabetes means that before a dinner date in particular there can be more to think about, but with a little preparation there’s no reason why you can’t focus on having an amazing time.

From avoiding blood sugar unfriendly food to remembering to bring your blood testing kit, we’ve got you covered with our 7 tips for dinner dating with diabetes.

1. Tell your date about your diabetes when you feel comfortable

If your date doesn’t know about your diabetes, then the ball is in your court. You can tell them whenever it feels right. This doesn’t even need to be on your first date. But at some point you will have to tell them, particularly if you go on multiple dates, and doing it sooner rather than later will make it easier to test your blood or medicate (if necessary) in front of them.

2. Research the restaurant in advance

Knowing which meals a restaurant serves in advance can help you out massively, particularly if you eat low carb!

3. Try not to fall off the wagon

If you’re having a great time with your date, eating healthily can drift from your mind, but try not to completely fall off the wagon by overindulging in less-than-healthy foods. A mild slip isn’t the end of the world, however.

4. Don’t hide blood testing or medication

It’s a natural impulse for some to want to test their blood or take medication in private on a date. If this is more comfortable for you then that’s fine. But it is nothing to be embarrassed by, and the sooner you test your blood in front of your date the sooner they will see how comfortable you are with your diabetes.

5. Always bring a hypo treatment

What with making sure you look delightfully spick and span before your leave the house, be sure not to forget to pack a hypo treatment if you are prone to low blood sugar.

6. Always treat a hypo straight away

It might seem like a nightmare scenario having a hypo on a date, but treating it as soon as possible is by far the better option than delaying it. Delaying treatment could increase the risk of a severe hypo, and that’s the real nightmare scenario.

7. Have fun!

Arguably the most important tip of all, enjoy yourself! Try not to get caught up with your diabetes or food intake, just enjoy your date’s company.

You can read more about dating and diabetes in our Diabetes and Relationships page.

Have you recently been on a date and encountered any problems with your diabetes or diet, or did you have a great time and hit off? Share your story in the comments section below!

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