An inspirational 10-year-old girl who has started her own bath bombs business is raising money to find a cure for type 1 diabetes.

The entrepreneurial Hannah Grace, a self-described “girly girl” who loves using health and beauty products, has had enormous success following the inception of her BeYOUtiful business. As of writing, her website reports she is sold out due to high demand!

But alongside developing her budding career, Hannah has another ambition. She has type 1 diabetes, and 20% of all her sales are donated to JDRF, the leading type 1 charity aiming to one day find a cure for the condition.

“I thought it would be nice to give back,” she said in a 60 Second Docs video.

“I want to give back for people in need. And I think it would be really nice to help them find a cure.”


Hannah makes and sells bath bombs, which cost $6 each, and she revealed she has already sold around 700, making roughly $4,000. She also ships to the UK.

What are bath bombs? Per Hannah, they “make your skin soft … and smell very nice. And they sizzle!”

They are, in essence, bath art. And they’re turning into quite a popular lifestyle trend.

Hannah has always loved using health and beauty products, according to her site, and she hand makes all her products using only natural ingredients.

So how did this passion turn into a business plan? The site reads: “On New Year’s Eve day 2016, as the family was travelling to Hannah’s favourite health and beauty store, her father turned to her and gave her a challenge. He said that he bet she could make the same products she wanted to buy in the store and even sell them herself. Challenge accepted!”

Hannah was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes aged 11 months old, and has not once let it stand in her way. She says: “I’ve grown up with diabetes, that’s just how I live.”

She has no limitations about what she can achieve, according to her parents, and possesses the “tenacity and strength that would cause her to strive, not just survive”.

“At just ten years old Hannah is proving that she can do all that she sets her mind to do, and nothing, not even T1D, can stop her.

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