Christmas Day can seem like a whirlwind of peeling veg, stuffing the turkey and prepping sprouts. There’s always that worry that you’ve forgotten something. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Our foolproof low carb Christmas dinner planner will be sure to help you prepare for a stress-free Christmas.

As well as including suggestions for what to cook on Christmas Day, we’ve also included ideas for what you might want to prepare in advance, to ensure the big day runs a bit more smoothly.

2 weeks before Christmas

Where did all that time go? With only two weeks to go until Christmas, it might be a good idea to begin writing a list of everything you need for the big day.

Now might also be a good time to stock up on low carb nibbles such as nuts, seeds and olives to keep in the cupboards. You could also consider what drinks you plan on serving for a festive tipple, check out our article on low carb alcohol to get into the Christmas ‘spirit.’

1 week before Christmas

A few days before Christmas is the best time to do fresh food shopping and it will prevent the last-minute rush on Christmas Eve. Turkey, ham, chicken and beef are all great low carb options to roast. Or if you already have one in the freezer, don’t forget to take it out to defrost!

For low carb alternatives to the traditional roast spuds, you could try celeriac, butternut squash, broccoli and cauliflower. Plus, love them or hate them who could forget about brussels sprouts?

You could even buy ingredients to make your own low carb antipasti plate, a selection of meat, cheese, olives and sliced raw vegetables will be sure to go down a treat!

Christmas Eve

The day has almost arrived! You can take the pressure off Christmas Day by trying to do as many jobs as you can on Christmas Eve.

Today might be a good day to prepare any canapes you plan on serving on Christmas Day, as you’ll likely have your hands full with making the dinner!

Locate any cooking pans, roasting tins and serving dishes to save the worry of trying to find them on Christmas morning. Hopefully this isn’t the time to realise you let your friend or neighbour borrow that serving bowl you really needed for the sprouts.

If no longer needed, you could also set the table in the evening and lay out napkins, Christmas crackers, silverware and glasses.

Christmas Day

Today’s the big day! If you’ve not already spent the morning clearing up mountains of wrapping paper, plan to wake up early to make sure you get started in good time.

Begin by prepping the vegetables and preheating the oven ready for the roast. Whilst the roast is cooking, lay out any canapes and prepare bowls of nibbles for the guests.

Vegetables such as celeriac and butternut squash can be cooked similar to how you would roast potatoes and would even be delicious cooked in goose fat!

To spruce up your sprouts, you could toss them in some butter, garlic and chopped crispy bacon before serving.

Finally, what’s Christmas dinner without pudding? Whilst the traditional Christmas pudding is typically high in carbs, you could instead opt for a bowl of whipped double cream topped with grated dark chocolate and berries. Or for a savoury option, it’s hard to go wrong with a cheese board – low in carbs and will go perfectly with a glass of red wine.

For some inspiration for festive low carb recipes you can cook this Christmas you can join over 350, 000 people on the award winning Low Carb Program.  

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