If someone tells you to eat more potassium, they might also mention bananas. Bananas do contain some potassium (330mg per 100g), but they are also high in carbs at 20g of carbs per 100g.

Potassium is an important electrolyte needed for healthy functioning of the body. The recommended intake is 3500mg per day, and although this sounds like a lot, there are many low carb friendly foods much higher in potassium than a banana which can help you to meet this recommendation.

Here are 7 low carb, potassium rich foods to get you started:

1. Almonds

Almonds make a great low carb snack as they contain 6.9g of carbs per 100g. They are also potassium powerhouses, containing 834mg of potassium per 100g!

2. Sunflower seeds

Sprinkling sunflower seeds on your breakfast is a tasty way to add in some healthy fats and potassium. Sunflower seeds contain 710mg of potassium per 100g, which works out at 213mg per 30g portion. Carb wise, sunflower seeds provide 5.6g of carbs per 30g portion, or 18.6g per 100g.

3. Baby spinach

If you find salads boring, try adding some raw baby spinach for a change! At only 0.2g of carbs per 100g, it is a highly versatile vegetable that can be added to almost any meal. Containing 682mg of potassium per 100g, baby spinach is an easy way to add potassium to your diet.

4. Avocado

Avocados are a staple on a low carb diet as they are a source of healthy fats and fibre and only contain 1.9g of carbs per 100g. One medium avocado will also provide you with 630mg of potassium!

5. Salmon

If you’re looking for a potassium packed meal, why not try having some baby spinach and avocado with a fillet of baked salmon. Like avocado, salmon is a fantastic low carb source of healthy fats and nutrients, including 357mg of potassium per 100g.

6. Tinned sardines

Tinned sardines are a really easy way to pack nutrients into meals – they keep for a long time, are easy to carry with you on the go, and contain 410mg of potassium per 100g! At 0g of carbs per 100g, they make a great quick lunch with some salad leaves, spinach and sunflower seeds.

7. Broccoli

Like spinach, broccoli is a hugely versatile vegetable – it can be eaten raw, steamed or roasted, or added to a chilli, stew, or cheese bake to name just a few uses! Providing 3.1g of carbs and 397mg of potassium per 100g, broccoli is a delicious low carb addition to almost any meal.

Fresh cut broccoli that makes a pattern



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