With Easter just around the corner, it can be difficult to miss the aisles lined with coloured foil and bunny shaped chocolates when navigating the supermarket.

Easter is often associated with indulging in chocolate eggs and many children look forward to an egg hunt or a visit from the Easter bunny.

While it’s ok to have the occasional sweet treat, we wanted to give you some options for alternative ways you can treat your children this Easter – no sugar added!

Take a day trip to a farm

Spring is a busy time of year for farms and many open their doors to the public and hold family friendly events. Taking a trip to a farm is not only fun, but it’s a great way to get out in the fresh air and keep active over the Easter weekend. Children will also have the opportunity to learn more about where their food comes from and the hard work that goes into caring for farm animals.

Try an alternative egg hunt

Instead of using chocolate eggs, you could let the children decorate some hard-boiled eggs to hide. Each egg could be associated with a different treat, for example a trip to the park or cinema. You could even include a map or clues in the hunt to make it even more exciting!

Discover a new story

Books make an excellent gift for children of all ages and there’s something to suit every interest. Alongside stories, activity books are great for keeping the children entertained over the holidays. They can have fun colouring in, solving puzzles and even playing games.

Get creative with arts and crafts

The Easter period is also a great time for children to get creative with arts and crafts. Some ideas could include decorating their own Easter cards using coloured card or making their own Easter basket to use in egg hunts! Many shops also sell craft kits for children to create their own Easter decorations.

Grow their own garden

Spring is an excellent time to get green-fingered and begin planting. Growing plants can be fun and rewarding for children and it’s also a good chance for them to learn about nutrition and nature. You could give them their own garden space, let them choose their own pots and seeds and then encourage them to keep an observation of the plants as they grow.


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