H G Wells

Date of birth:
September 21, 1866

Bromley, Kent

Diabetes Type:
Type 2

Herbert George Wells was an English author often referred to as the ‘Father of Science Fiction’. Wells, who was diagnosed with diabetes in later life, wrote many novels including War of the Worlds, The Time Machine and The Invisible Man.

H.G. Wells also used his literary skills to work as a historia, political commentator and journalist.

Diabetes diagnosis

H.G. Wells was reportedly diagnosed with mild diabetes in his early 60’s, in July 1931, he became a private patient of the well known physician R.D. Lawrence who in 1933 wanted to build a diabetes in-patient department at King’s College Hospital the funding for which he appealed to his private patients.

Wells, rather than giving lots of money, used his highly regarded name to write to The Times Newspaper appealing for donations from readers.

The letter received a massive response which adequately funded Lawrence’s diabetes department.

Just a year later Wells wrote a second letter to The Times suggesting the development of a Diabetic Associatio, again there was a huge response which resulted with its establishment and left Wells the president.

The Diabetic Association was developed into the British Diabetic Association in 1954 and in 2000 it was renamed Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK

This indicates H.G. Wells was not only a significant and successful novelist but also was the one to set the wheels in motion for the diabetes charity Diabetes UK.

The organisation has maintained the goals proposed by Wells in his second letter to The Times, suggesting that the Diabetic Association should ‘promote study, the diffusion of knowledge and the proper treatment of diabetes in this country.’

Additionally Wells instigated the first Diabetic Journal, himself writing the opening paragraphs for its debut issue.

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