Diabetes UK is the foremost UK diabetes charity. Diabetes UK works to help people suffering from diabetes, as well as providing funding for research, raising awareness and campaigning.

Co-founded by H.G. Wells

Diabetes UK was originally the Diabetic Association, founded in 1934. H.G. Wells was a co-founder of Diabetes UK.

Diabetes UK membership

Diabetes UK has over 170,000 members, and constantly works with diabetics, their families and friends, and healthcare professionals, to improve UK diabetes care.

Diabetes UK also carries the torch for diabetics when it comes to campaigning and lobbying the government to increase care standards and quality of life.

Diabetes UK aims to improve the lives of people suffering from diabetes, and as one of the largest patient organisations in Europe they are well poised to stand up for the interests of diabetics

The charity also provides everyday, practical support to diabetics in the management of their disease.

Diabetes Week

Each year, Diabetes UK sets the agenda for Diabetes Week. For 2022, Diabetes UK has dedicated Diabetes Awareness Week to:

  • Dispelling the myths around diabetes
  • Raising awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyle

Note: is not the same as

Diabetes UK Careline

Diabetes UK also operate the Diabetes Careline, based in Scotland.

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