Randall Darius Jackson

Date of birth:
June 23, 1956

Baton Rouge, USA

Diabetes Type:
Type 2

Randy Jackson is best known as a judge on the hit TV series American Idol.

As well as being a type 2 diabetic , Jackson is also a Grammy Award winning record producer and himself a musical talent who started performing at the age of 17.

Type 2 diagnosis

Jackson was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2003, but was not overly surprised following his diagnosis as his father from Baton Rouge, Louisiana also had diabetes.
Jackson weighed around 25 stone when he was diagnosed.

This led to him having gastric bypass surgery in 2004 which helped him shed over 100 pounds.

He then worked out a plan of diet and exercise with his diabetes team to help control his blood glucose levels and keep to a healthy weight.

Jackson has also revealed his success through using a portion controlled diet to help manage his diabetes.

Charity work

Jackson was an advocate for the American Heart Association’s campaign named The Heart of Diabetes in 2008.

He has also expressed his concern about cardiovascular disease, which is one of the biggest killers among people with diabetes.

He believes that celebrities should use their status to bring awareness to the disease.

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