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Enlite Sensor


Medtronic’s Enlite Sensor provides the chance to continuously monitor glucose levels via Medtronic insulin pumps and CGM.

If you use a Medtronic insulin pump, the Enlite Sensor is likely to be your first choice if you are looking for CGM functionality as well.


  • Direct integration with Medtronic insulin pumps
  • Easy insertion with Enlite Serter
  • Up to 6 days use

Compatible with a number of systems

Note that the Enlite Sensor, which carries out the measuring of glucose levels, is just one of three main constituent parts of a CGM system. To achieve CGM functionality, the Enlite Sensor is used with the following:

  • A transmitter – which sends data from the sensor to the receiver
  • A receiver – which displays the data in easy to interpret forms

The Enlite Sensor can be used with a number of transmitters, such as the Guardian 2 Link and the MiniLink transmitters, and a number of receivers such as Medtronic’s MiniMed 640G and MiniMed Paradigm Veo insulin pumps, and the Guardian REAL-Time CGM.

Inserting the sensor

Sensors are relatively easy to insert thanks to the Enlite Serter, a handheld device that deploys the Enlite Sensor with just two presses of a button and minimum fuss. The Enlite Sensor is very quiet and usually painless.


Studies into the accuracy of Enlite Sensors have shown that it has a MARD (Mean Absolute Relative Difference) accuracy of 13.6% which is a strong and reliable level of accuracy.

Studies have also shown the Enlite Sensors to provide a hypoglycemia detection rate of 93.2%.

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